GPT-3 and Large Language models as APIs
GPT-3 and Large Language models as APIs
Unlike the previous two iterations of their GPT-X Language AI Models, OpenAI chose not to release Open Source their third GPT model, called aptly GPT-3.
Instead, they released it to limited users as an API. The demand for access to this API is very large but their API access is still limited to a few and not everyone gets it.
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Meanwhile, Eleuther.AI is working on replicating GPT-3 and make it available to the World for free. Their latest model, GPT-J has 6B parameters(GPT-3 has 175B).
All these models are available to download from their Github and via HuggingFace's Model Hub. However, not everyone can host these large models behind inference APIs.
GPT-Neo model is the largest Open Source model from EleutherAI and is available as inference API from Hugging Face.
Do you have plans to build a product around GPT-3 like AI APIs? Do you have access to GPT-3? What are you planning to use, if you don't have access?
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